Friday, 21 November 2014

Party Time Perth

I was recently invited to do a 15 minute "WOW" presentation at the Party Time Perth event held on 8 November, 2014.  It was a terrific day, and the presentations were so inspirational.  The display was out of this world, I did not know where to look first with so many beautiful and creative ideas.  I certainly went home inspired.

Well back to my "WOW" presentation.  I was so organised at home having decided on a theme of vintage, I had made my notes and decided on what I was going to say, cinch you say.  Well, when I got up on stage to do my presentation, the heart started beating at a great rate of knots and stage fright set in.  All my carefully prepared presentation went out the window.  I was so nervous and I can't even remember what I said.  It must have been okay, as people were congratulating me (either that or they were just being very nice to me).  Either way I went home a happy camper.

This is the card that I made for the presentation.


  1. Wow... Gorgeous Carolyn. Well done to you for presenting to so many people, I heard you did an amazing job... Clever girl.

  2. Hi Carolyn this card is a beauty, and I loved your demonstration of it at Party Time.

  3. Loved your demo at PartvTime and loved the Vintage Card too.
    Well done.

    We showed the seagulls a thing or two on how to do convention with high quality displays and demonstrations. Loved it all.



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